The evolution of StudentStar has been a critical part of our university's growth and our ability to offer enhanced services to students and faculty.
The StudentStar program is excellent. StudentStar made it easy for us to create self-paced training programs from our already existing instructor-led programs.
We've been very pleased with your software platform. The trainees found it very easy to use and it required very little support. Thanks a lot! adipiscing elit
StudentStar's Teachers module has greatly reduced instructors time spent monitoring their online courses, freeing them up to focus on teaching their students
Your LMS worked right out of the box, with minimal effort required to integrate it with our administrative systems.
StudentStar is designed specifically for making the educational process more efficient. As this software platform manages all aspects of an educational system, this can be considered as an Enterprise Resource Planning , or ERP, software for the Education industry.

Our infrastructure is centrally hosted with redundant servers with real-time backup. So if you lose some information we will be able to retrieve it in an expedient manner. Typically, we keep information in our servers for 180 days.

Making any concept a practical reality is a driving force behind StudentStar's development initiatives. StudentStar has demonstrated commitment to interoperability standards as they have emerged and is recognized for many course management system firsts. StudentStar takes standards implementation to the next level by structuring technical architecture around industry-wide standards.

This online education management platform can be configured for use by independent schools, school districts with multiple schools or school systems with multiple school districts. StudentStar is configured to support entire national educational systems to make any number of students truly ready for 21st century.

StudentStar's inherent flexibility enables system configurations to be built to meet the unique needs of any learning enterprise. StudentStar implementation can be structured so the database and web applications run on separate machines. An implementation also can be built into a load-balanced, redundant server environment if required. StudentStar's framework ensures optimal performance without sacrificing the flexibility your institution enjoys currently. We customize and configure the application to meet your unique requirement.

StudentStar handles both large and small deployments efficiently and cost effectively. StudentStar has been load balanced for deployment for hundreds of thousands of users and is also cost effective for smaller institutions with limited technology resources.

Every institution has a responsibility to protect student data and provide a secure learning environment. Most institutions have already made a large investment in a security infrastructure; StudentStar fits seamlessly into your enterprise security plan.

StudentStar is built on PHP and ORACLE Platforms, which provide StudentStar a stable and well-supported foundation.

StudentStar learning realizes that the learning management suite is just one part of the complex network of systems that comprise your learning enterprise technology. We also realize that no academic enterprise is the same, and there are often a variety of systems that need to integrate with the StudentStar. StudentStar features open, standards-based and flexible technology and is engineered to integrate with all your systems, regardless of your present configuration.