The evolution of StudentStar has been a critical part of our university's growth and our ability to offer enhanced services to students and faculty.
The StudentStar program is excellent. StudentStar made it easy for us to create self-paced training programs from our already existing instructor-led programs.
We've been very pleased with your software platform. The trainees found it very easy to use and it required very little support. Thanks a lot! adipiscing elit
StudentStar's Teachers module has greatly reduced instructors time spent monitoring their online courses, freeing them up to focus on teaching their students
Your LMS worked right out of the box, with minimal effort required to integrate it with our administrative systems.
About Us
StudentStar was created by veterans in the education industry and experts in software development. This is a joint venture between Armia Systems, Inc in Chicago, IL and Zebra Technical Solutions in Columbia, SC.

We began operations as a software provider for local schools. Later, the software was modified to support all kinds of educational institutions. During testing this system was configured to run for entire national educations systems. As a result, this software solution can be used by both independent schools and school systems, safely. We have a number of educators in the school systems and higher educators as advisors, consultants and partners to make it as useful and stable as possible.

In addition to premise based software solutions, we have offered maintenance-free hosted solutions with customizations to few larger clients.

Currently, we support a number of customers in the U.S. and internationally. Our sole focus is to provide business management software and services to small and medium-sized educational institutions.

Assess Your Business Management Needs
Our purpose is to help our customers run their businesses more effectively, helping them to gain greater insight into their business activities and providing them with lasting benefits by automating their business processes.

Please explore our site for more detailed information about our products and services. Contact us if you have any questions