The evolution of StudentStar has been a critical part of our university's growth and our ability to offer enhanced services to students and faculty.
The StudentStar program is excellent. StudentStar made it easy for us to create self-paced training programs from our already existing instructor-led programs.
We've been very pleased with your software platform. The trainees found it very easy to use and it required very little support. Thanks a lot! adipiscing elit
StudentStar's Teachers module has greatly reduced instructors time spent monitoring their online courses, freeing them up to focus on teaching their students
Your LMS worked right out of the box, with minimal effort required to integrate it with our administrative systems.
STUDENTSTAR.COM - Complete Education Management Solution
StudentStar is a flexible school systems management platform that provides secure, comprehensive and centralized solutions that manage all operations of the educational organization. This helps you improve the way schools collect, store and retrieve student information, backed by the highest level of on-site technical consulting and client support available. This platform brings together the Schools, District Administration and the Ministry Of Education to deliver a single-point interaction center for all players in a national education sector.

Always On
Since it is completely web based, the entire application is available 24/7 and not limited to the school location or premises
Keeps all stakeholders connected and updated including students, teachers, parents, alumni and administrators.
This flexible software platform can be configured for independent schools or entire school systems
Contains a large number of reports that gives you an instant, multifaceted view of the system.